Hidden Aviary, from the Still Beating Series

Narrative Art refers to visual imagery which tells stories, engages the imagination, and stirs the emotions. These stories transcend culture and are relatable to all. My photomontage is narrative art which additionally uses magic realism. Magic realism creates stories which seem both true and believable, but likely are improbable. Using magic realism, “Still Beating” presents narrative imagery about the vitality of all living things whose survival is challenged. These living things are the embodiment of contrasts, both weakness of body and strength of emotions.

As you hold a wild bird in your hand, you can feel both its fragile bones contrasted with the fortitude of its beating heart. And yet such creatures prevail through sheer grit. Witnessing the determination for survival is a source of hope that the natural world will endure.

In “Hidden Aviary” delicate wild birds and an inquisitive young child connect through their trust in each other. Care and kindness are exchanged in a very reciprocal relationship. This compassion is a source of hope that the natural world will survive its many challenges.