About Us

Jon Kolkin, M.D.



Laira M. Roth, MHA


Children’s National Hospital


Melanie A. Kolkin, MSW, LICSW


Children’s National Hospital


Ngodup Tsering

Representative of the Dalai Lama, North American


Michael S. Karlin, PhD

Associate Director, Centre for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics

The Shades of Compassion Foundation board is comprised of individuals with a broad range of backgrounds. All have demonstrated a commitment to engage in professional and personal actions consistent with the Foundation’s mission. We are committed to acting with honesty and integrity, and subscribe to the guiding principles and effective practices of philanthropic foundations.

Because we actively seek board members who share a passion for our areas of focus, we adhere to a well-defined Conflict of Interest Policy in order to avoid any impropriety. Every initiative that comes before the board is subject to a rigorous and objective debate.

Any Foundation board member who is also involved with one of the Foundation’s potential collaborators, must disclose those relationships to the board. Those individuals also must recuse themselves from any votes regarding funding for their respective organizations.

The Foundation is committed to being accessible and responsive. If you have any questions about our Conflict of Interest Policy or any other governance or management practices, please contact us