I grew up on Ireland’s River Slaney with a strong connection to the natural environment; the turning of the seasons, or knowing what time was high tide. I enjoyed fishing in a boat with my dog or riding my bike around quiet backroads. These experiences bred my passionate interest in human interactions with the Earth.

But I don’t live in some glittery paradise – I like chaotic cities with a sense of humor, like Dublin and Barcelona. Back in this so-called ‘civilization’, I document the dirty magic of daily street life, urban wildlife, the rubbish on the streets, the insane traffic. This for me, is the behavior of the most powerful animal on the planet. Humans sitting steadfast in their cars, in rush-hour traffic – this is as interesting to me, as the migration patterns of birds, or as worrying as the melting of Arctic sea ice.

I create images questioning humanity’s relationship with planet Earth, and our profligate use of energy and resources.

Glacier Ice Floating

This photograph was taken in Torssaukatak, Kujalleq, South Greenland, en route to Prins Christian Sund from the deck of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise during an expedition to investigate the effects of climate change in the Arctic.